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We are delighted to be the UK distributor for the completely new drinks brand called CARUMBOLA. The product is the brainchild of a newly formed company, who have used their years of experience in the drinks industry to create a sensational new fusion of fruit and rum which they feel is sure to grab the attention of those people that appreciate quality spirits, but without taking the whole thing too seriously.

Indima Drinks have worked closely with one of the longest established craft distillers in Europe to produce a drink that perfectly combines natural fruit flavours from around the world with the highest quality Caribbean white rum. Their commitment to quality (balanced with a dash of fun) has resulted in a versatile drink that works beautifully on its own, with a surprisingly wide range of mixers, or as the base for an endless range of cocktails.

Indima know that fruity rum drinks aren't a new idea, but we believe that this is the first time that a company has set out to deliberately produce a 100% natural juice product that is on the same quality level as the current trend for hand-crafted gins. Before CARUMBOLA came along, many producers relied heavily on artificial flavourings and aromatics to achieve the end result that they were looking for - and these drinks invariably taste horribly artificial, so you'll have to get that preconception out of your head before you give this a try.


Exotic or Very Berry?

Pink Musketeer.jpg

Pineapple and Passion Fruit juices are the heart of Exotic, but the real magic lies in the truly unusual 'secret' extra fruits that take this version of CARUMBOLA way beyond anything that you've tried before.

The cocktailing options for this are truly endless and CARUMBOLA are actively looking for serving suggestions to add to their site, so you might just end up being the next big name in cocktails.

On the other hand, if you actively avoid the whole fruit bowl garnish and cocktail umbrella thing, the good news is that it tastes just great as it is, with a couple of cubes of ice, a dash of mixer and nothing more...


If you prefer your fruity drinks to have a zingier edge, and you'd be quite happy to raid the greengrocers for everything that ends in the word berry, this is definitely one for you.

Raspberry, Acai and Cranberry are the big names, but just like CARUMBOLA Exotic, it's the extra pure fruit juices that make the real difference in Very Berry.

Crisp and clean with Mediterranean Tonic, delightfully drinkable with lemonade and you can even try making your own Cuberry Libre - just add to cola for a new twist on an old favourite.


We are genuinely impressed with the quality of the drinks that CARUMBOLA have created and we know that they are already in the planning stages of the next versions. We'll be looking forward to them appearing over the coming months with great anticipation, as we honestly feel that their new approach to fruit & rum fusions could be the start of something big...

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