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Elderflower is a flavouring ingredient that has been used to produce light refreshing drinks to quench the thirst of people on hot summer days for centuries. The Elder bush grows all over Europe, from as far north as Norway to the shores of the Mediterannean and many cultures use the berries and flowers in food and drinks.


From the beginning of June, the hedgerows across Belgium begin to look as though there has been a freak snowfall, as the Elder bushes burst into flower and the craftsmen at Belgin start to watch the weather forecast. They are looking for the perfect day, when drying sun and gentle breezes ensure that the heads of elderflowers are at their prime, and ready for picking.

The delicate flavours are then extracted using a little bit of distillers magic, and this intense essence is then combined with other botanicals before finally being turned into a truly intoxicating liqueur.

Add a few drops to a glass of champagne or prosecco to bring out a delicious extra dimension, or pour a measure into a tall glass, add ice and top up with artisan tonic water for a refreshingly grown-up thirst quencher. And for the big-kid in you, add a generous measure to ice cubes and blend until you have the perfect 'slushie' - you could even add a couple of measures of your favourite gin - as long as it's Belgin Raspberry Rosé...




If you're going to make a liqueur, it's probably a good idea to make one that will have a wide appeal to adults of all ages and tastes, and one of the most universallly loved flavours around the world is, of course, chocolate.

Once you've decided to make a chocolate liqueur, the next thought should be 'Where should I go to get the best chocolate in the world?', and the natural answer to that one is Belgium. Famous as the country that takes the art of chocolate making to a completely different level, we combine a bespoke cocoa rich liquor with natural dairy cream to produce a truly outstanding liqueur.

We then add the same great spirit that we use in our gins and bring it all together as Beldoux cream liqueur. As with all of the other drinks in the Belgin range, there are absolutely no added sugars, sweeteners, colourants or thickeners added, so you can be certain that the taste sensation is completely natural.

Pour this over ice for a wonderfully indulgent drink to sit and relax with, or pour it over a high quality vanilla ice-cream to bring a touch of grown-up luxury to a dessert.

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