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So what exactly is Craft Beer???

Ever get the feeling that the word craft is a bit overused these days? Years ago a handful of exceptionally talented people would be recognised as true craftsmen; starting out as apprentices, before going on to polish their own personal skills over decades, lovingly creating things that are way beyond the abilities of ordinary people in the street. You would either have to pay crazy money to get your hands on a piece of their work, or put your name on a waiting list (possibly for years) before finally possessing something that your friends would quietly envy - then someone invented marketing...

We can now go out and buy a 'craft' version of everything from burgers to birthday cards and if your beer isn't craft, you're virtually an outcast. Until very recently any slight trace of cloudiness in a beer would ensure that it was rejected and sent straight back to the bar, but not anymore, now deliberately cloudy beers are part of a movement that's looking beyond convention and constantly striving to bring innovation and new flavour experiences to the discerning craft drinker.

We have tried to look at this situation with a little more balance and realise that insanely expensive beers, created in batches that make home brewers look like corporate giants (yes, we do know a company that brews in batches of 15 litres) are for the few. We seek out the best that we can find to give our customers great taste experiences, combining the latest in brewing technology with new techniques and new hop strains. Our breweries supply us with amazing beers that encapsulate the current market for everything from pilsners to porters, multigrain ales to milkshake IPA's, stouts to sours and the creativity to brew the very best examples available from the international craft beer market - we hope you enjoy trying them.

As for what exactly constitutes a Craft Beer? - In the absence of an agreed definition, we feel that they are those examples of a brewers art, made with the love and skill that you really aren't going to find in a chain pub or supermarket. Please click on the icons below for more information

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'You've ruined my palate - I used to be happy with a bottle of brown beer' - Nick J 

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